The Struggles of Building a Bitcoin Mining Farm on 100 Acres

After more than TWO years, we are finally making huge progress with the 100 acres we bought to build the VoskCoin solar-powered Bitcoin crypto mining farm! But it hasn’t been easy – there are numerous hidden costs and challenges… How am I going to build a profitable mining farm..? Sub for more!

Building my dream Bitcoin solar mining farm has been an unbelievable journey so far, and there have been some serious setbacks and unexpected issues. If you’re looking to start your own bitcoin mining farm, or mine cryptocurrency with solar power or even simply own 100 acres a lot of unique hurdles, and the worst of all additional expenses show up… I’ll break down what challenges you might expect, what I’ve had to overcome, and how we’re looking to capitalize on the current market conditions! This crypto mining farm will be my pride and joy – but for the moment, it’s more stress than profit! Let’s find out what it’s been like building a Bitcoin mining farm on 100 acres!

My most recent mining farm update –
My rough plans for building a solar-powered BTC crypto mining farm –
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00:00 VoskCoin Mining Farm Update!
02:16 The impact of inflation and economic recession
03:36 Solar Powered Bitcoin mining farm
05:47 Hurdles and challenges building a mining farm
10:08 The future of VoskCoin

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