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Our goal is to review and discuss the most recent price action in the market in a manner that makes it useful to you. Using Technical Analysis, we perform an indepth review of the action in the stock market today and try provide you with our analysis on current patterns, developing trends, and our take on where the market is headed.

Our Focus includes
– Technical Analysis
– Trade Education
– Trend and Pattern Analysis
– Market Psychology
– Emotional and Mental Health

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Billionaire Predicts Bitcoin Dominance #shorts

The famous investor, Paul Tudor Jones, just made a shocking prediction about bitcoin on CNBC.

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 200,000+ investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at

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Ethereum Deflationary Era | Cardano ADA, Polygon MATIC, Google + Coinbase News

Crypto markets continue to suffer due to inflation and CPI news. Bitcoin BTC is currently trading at 19k, while ETH addresses are skyrocketing and Ethereum may be poised for a deflationary run. We also explore Cardano ADA, Apeiron metaverse NFT land sale, Polygon MATIC, SingularityDAO, Coinbase, Google Cloud Services and Binance BNB crypto news.

0:00 Google Cloud Services and Coinbase Partnership
2:40 Bitcoin and Crypto Markets
3:30 Cathie Wood on Inflation and Deflation
4:57 Ethereum ETH Deflationary Supply
8:25 Cardano ADA Founder on Ethereum Merge
9:06 Apeiron Land Sale NFT Contest
9:42 Polygon MATIC news
10:35 SingularityDAO Updates
11:18 Coinbase Approved in Singapore
11:36 Binance BNB Hack Follow-Up

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Is It More Profitable To BUY BITCOIN or MINE BITCOIN in 2023?

Bitcoin mining is difficult, there are major BTC mining farms with millions in funding making it hard for the average person to mine competitively which continues to beg the question, is it more profitable to BUY BITCOIN or MINE BITCOIN? Let’s find out.. Subscribe –

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I began my cryptocurrency journey mining with GPU rigs and since Ethereum is no longer mineable, the only alternative is using industrial-grade ASIC miners to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But in today’s bear market, does it make more sense to mine Bitcoin or should you just buy it? Today we’re going to look at all the bitcoin mining data you should know before you start mining! We’ll also review bitcoin profitability stats and why so many BTC mining farms are shutting down.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Buy Bitcoin or mine Bitcoin?
01:11 Terrible news keeps coming to the crypto markets
02:31 Bitcoin difficulty adjustments & mining troubles
04:02 Are there still profitable BTC miners?
05:25 How much money does BTC mining generate?
07:50 Bitcoin mining giant Bitfufu vs FTX
09:00 Bitcoin mining lawsuit!
09:39 Crypto mining stock index keeps dropping
11:44 Help with the Bitcoin solar mining farm
13:00 Crypto ASIC miners keep getting cheaper
14:00 Canaan is releasing new miners
15:00 It’s a difficult time right now. Don’t give up

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FTX Hacker Identity REVEALED || How Chainalysis COVERED UP FTX And More

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Charles Hoskinson Raises Alarm! This Can Take Bitcoin Back To 3k

Charles Hoskinson Raises Alarm! This Can Take Bitcoin Back To 3k
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Credit: Charles Hoskinson
Climate and Energy Implications of Crypto-Assets in the United States
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Welcome to “Savvy Finance 🤝
This channel is all about being savvy with your finance 💰.

We create and share videos about investments and how best you can put your money to use, in order to bring in more money. We love cryptocurrencies and the stock market and so, we share a lot of crypto and stock market videos, including bitcoin, ethereum, Cardano ADA, and other altcoins. 🗠

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This channel is intended to share tips and investment videos by experts. We DO NOT GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE! Please consult a licensed financial advisor and do your own research before making any financial action.

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For transparency, our crypto portfolio comprises mostly bitcoin, Cardano, ethereum, and xrp.


I’m Selling All My Ethereum For These Two Top Altcoins!

The ETH merge is due, but the charts are signaling that it may not be as successful as one would hope and it looks likely to be a sell-the-news event. ETH has a $206 billion market cap and a lot of that is about to flow into two specific Cryptos. Join Kyledoops in today’s episode of Crypto Banter live to find out which ones he is looking at right now!

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Kyle Doops

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All opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers should not be construed as financial advice. Views expressed by guests and hosts do not reflect the views of the station. Listeners are encouraged to do their own research.

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00:00 Ethereum Bitcoin Weekly Chart
01:10 Bitcoin Price Analysis
01:45 US Stock Market, DXY & S&P 500
04:10 CPI Numbers Causing Volatility
05:00 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
06:57 Ethereum Price Analysis
09:10 Bitcoin Price Daily Chart
10:52 Trading Ethereum – Technical Analysis
13:20 Trading Bitcoin – Price Ranges
13:53 Trading Solana – Price Ranges
15:40 How to Short ETH on Bitget
16:30 Bitcoin Price Targets
18:10 Bullish Trades Today – APE

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Ethereum price after ETH merge?
Will ETH merge work?
Should I be selling ETH now?
How to short ETH on Bitget?
What are the next Bitcoin price targets?
What are the top two altcoins now?


Crypto COLLAPSE Explained! (Why Bitcoin Fell to 18K)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

8:15 Market Watch
16:35 Expert Guest
34:45 Twitter Buzz
42:30 FOMC Meeting
55:55 BTC Boost
1:02:35 ETH Fears
1:13:10 ETHW Attack
1:17:00 ADA Hardfork
1:24:20 XRP’s Fate
1:27:15 Quick Hits

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